Zip Line & Wall Climb in View of the Statue of Liberty this Summer!


Calling all adventure seekers! Opportunities for recreation and play expand in 2017 on Governors Island near the Ball Fields. Opening early summer, Adventures at Governors Island is an affordable experience that brings interactive recreation and healthy family fun to visitors of all ages. New York City’s first outdoor Amazing Maze that will challenge you to find your way out and beat the clock. You may compete in a race against time or wander at your own pace to find the way out.

A 3D Climb stands 24’ tall and presents three unique climbing challenges. Soaring near Lady Liberty has never been more possible than it is on the Flywire double zip line. Providing the ultimate rush when zipping 300 feet across the sky while hanging free, the Flywire delivers an unforgettable experience. Feel the speed of 21 mph the length of an entire football field. Adventures at Governors Island is operated by New York Carousel.

Hours of operation will be announced in the coming weeks.