Virtual Studio Tour with Demarcus McGaughey
Saturday 10/31, 12pm

Join ArtCrawl Harlem for a Virtual Artist Studio Tour with painter Demarcus McGaughey as he completes his tenure with the “Boundaries & Connections: The Other Side of Us (100 Years of Harlem)” Artist in Residency Program on Governors Island.

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ArtCrawl Harlem has proudly awarded Ricky Day, Lisa DuBois and Demarcus McGaughey, NYC based artists with the opportunity to participate in “Boundaries & Connections: The Other Side of Us (100 Years of Harlem)” as Artist in Residency on Governors Island.

The year 2020 is the celebration of Harlem Renaissance (HR) centennial. With that in mind Boundaries and Connections Artist in Resident will consider the past 100 years of Harlem as inspiration for their work. The theme is meant to inspire and not box the artist in. From the Great Migration which preceded the HR when Black people moved to the north seeking opportunity and changing the economic and cultural fabric of America to the Black Lives Movement and COVID-19 pandemic. Explore Harlem’s shifting boundaries, community histories and connections that have socially and culturally impacted New York City and beyond.The global influence of Black people in America is undeniable. Harlem stands as a culture capital within that admission; music, politics, religion, dance, food, fashion, literature, pan-Africanism, linguistics, gentrification, police brutality and more has been experience or finds its birthplace within the neighborhood of Harlem

ArtCrawl Harlem artists will receive free daytime workspace on Governors Island’ Nolan Park districts. In addition the artists will work together to produce online public programming such as virtual studio tours and live-streamed engagement to share the work created while in residence, their process and who they are as an artist.

2020 Resident Artists:

Ricky Day
Ricky Day was born in Saint Louis, Missouri & raised in Los Angeles, California. He is a visual artist, photographer, filmmaker and musician working primarily with themes related to identity, sub-culture and popular culture. I live & work in Harlem, New York.

His fine art practice includes painting, collage, photography, video & recorded music. While his commercial photography business includes fashion editorials, portraiture and events.

As a visual artist he has exhibited in multiple group shows in NYC & beyond.

Pictured: Jackie (third image), BlAckiVes 2020 (fourth image)

Lisa DuBois
Lisa DuBois is a Multi-media artist, photographer and an independent curator. Lisa has attended the School of Visual Arts, Germaine School of Photography where she received a Professional Career Photography Degree and received a Master’s in Metaphysical Science.

Born and raised in Harlem, she recognized the art exposure-void that needed to be filled in Harlem’s burgeoning universe of talented but under-represented local visual artists. She addressed the issue when given the opportunity to launch X Gallery with the support of Harlem Properties, a licensed real estate agency.

Lisa desire to have purpose in her work is reflected back by what she chooses to photograph. Much of her work is of indigenous folkways thriving on the fringes of mainstream society. She documents people expressing their search for a better understanding of the world through their environment, belief systems and cultural traditions and in return she gains a better understanding of the human condition.

Pictured: Women in White (first image), Grandmaster Libation Tribute to the Ancestors (second image)

Demarcus McGaughey
Demarcus McGaughey is a native of Dallas, TX currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. A graduate of Prairie View University, Prairie View, TX where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising Art. Demarcus is a Fine artist, Graphic Designer, Creative Director and public Speaker. While in Dallas launched In House Media Group a full-service design agency specializing in brand development. Eager to expand his reach Demarcus moved to New York as well as relocated the offices of In House Media.

When not designing and creating artwork Demarcus spends his time teaching art, giving motivational speeches and traveling the world.

Pictured: El Tiguere Con Su Trompeta (fifth image), Silky (sixth image)