Hey Neighbor! New Zoom conversation series with current Artists-in-Residence on Governors Island launches


Four arts organizations currently hosting artist residencies on Governors Island – 4heads, Beam Center, Harvestworks, and the NARS Foundation – have announced the launch of a new Zoom conversation series in which artists from their different residency programs will be partnered together for one-on-one conversations about their studio practices, residencies, and topics such as how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their work. Launching on Saturday, October 3rd, and taking place every Saturday for four weeks, the Hey Neighbor! Artists’ Talk Series brings together artists who are currently working in close proximity but might otherwise never interact because of the nature of their studio practices or the social distancing required by the pandemic. 4heads initiated the collaboration to continue their mission of supporting their residency artists and helping them build networks in a year in which they could not host their annual art fair on Governors Island.

Participating organizations are hosting residencies on Governors Island as part of the Governors Island Residency Initiative, a partnership between the Trust for Governors Island and 19 cultural organizations to host free residency programs for artists and cultural practitioners that have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Nearly 100 artists are currently working on Governors Island in studios as part of this initiative.

Each conversation will begin with a short video intro about each artists’ work. The artists will then speak with each other for around 30 minutes before opening the conversation up to a Q&A with the audience. All of the conversations will be moderated by Jack Robinson, one of the co-founders of 4heads.

All of the conversations, which are free and open to the public, will take place on Zoom. Learn more here.

The full program follows below.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

3-4 PM: CHiKA (NARS Foundation) and Katherine Freer (Beam Center)

ChIKA is a Japanese-born New York-based artist who works in light sculptures, audiovisual performances, and technology. Katherine Freer is a multimedia designer working in theater, installation, and film.

4-5 PM: Joseph Baker (Beam Center) and Sizhu Li (4heads)

Joseph Baker is a multimedia artist who uses light and sound. Sizhu Li is a Chinese-born New York-based artist who creates immersive kinetic installations

Saturday, October 10, 2020

3-4 PM: Sarah K Williams (NARS Foundation) and Lauren Petty & Shaun Irons (4heads)

Sarah K Williams is a performance artist who creates short intimate pieces engaging time as object and gesture as an effective mode of communication . Shaun Irons and Lauren Petty are Brooklyn-based artists who make multidisciplinary performances, multi-channel installations, experimental films, documentaries, as well as interactive video scores to accompany live performance.

4-5 PM: Alexandra Goldberg/Joseph Morris (Harvestworks) and Sam Sundius (4heads)

Alexandra Goldberg and Joseph Morris are currently collaborating on new work that uses art and technology to make human phenomena visible. Sam Sundius is a fiber and installation artist whose work deals with concepts of isolation, family, gender, and the body.

5-6PM: Jemila MacEwan (Virtual Volcano Observatory) and Elizabeth Demaray (Swale)

Jemila MacEwan is an interdisciplinary artist known for her intimately interwoven earthworks, sculptures, and performances. Elizabeth Demaray is a sculptor focusing on the interface between the built and the natural environment.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

3-4 PM: Shannon Finnegan (Beam Center) and Valérie Hallier (Harvestworks)

Shannon Finnegan is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist whose work aims to increase perceptions of accessibility. Valerie Hallier is a French multidisciplinary artist whose work reflects on the illusion of control.

4-5 PM: Tim Fite (4heads) and Zeelie Brown (Swale)

Tim Fite makes large-scale, compositionally complex, black and white drawings that occasionally have a musical or performative component. Zeelie Brown is a visual artist and cellist who often uses sound and textiles in her installations, most notably queer sanctuaries called “soulscapes.”

5-6PM: Julie Ann Nagle (Swale) and Simone Johnson (Works on Water)

Julie Ann Nagle creates interactive installations and is currently building on the experiential aspect of her practice by weaving an enormous outdoor structure based on the nests of birds local to Governors Island. Simon Johnson is a process-based installation artist who is currently researching the relationship between climate change and the ocean, algae, surrealism, and the imagination.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

3-4PM: Anne Wu (NARS Foundation) and Charlotte Mundy (Harvestworks)

Anne Wu’s work draws from architectural structures and decorative elements commonly found in existing urban landscapes. Charlotte Mundy is a vocalist and composer who is now working on multisensory installations.

4-5PM: Aarati Akkapeddi (Beam Center) and Christian Hincapié (NARS Foundation)

Aarati Akkapeddi is a first-generation Indian-American, cross-disciplinary artist, educator, and programmer interested in the poetics and politics of datasets. Christian Hincapié’s work is equal parts research-based, studio-based, and made in collaboration with public space.

5-6PM: Nilufa Yeasmin (BronxArtSpace) and Anooj Bhandari (Beam Center)

Nilufa Yeasmin is a New York-based artist born in Bangladesh whose work is influenced by the travel between these two places she calls home. Anooj Bhandari is a community organizer, storyteller, and performer who is interested in poetics, movement, and physical theater.

About 4heads:
4heads is a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization run by artists for artists. It was launched in New York in 2008, when Nicole Laemmle, Jack Robinson, and Antony Zito, who are working artists themselves, saw an opportunity to create a platform that would serve emerging artists and the local community through exhibitions, education programs, and artistic collaborations. The organization’s DIY spirit helps catalyze the ongoing dialogue between artists and people from all walks of life. Its diverse slate of initiatives includes art fairs, arts-education for underserved communities, and a summer Artists in Residence program on Governors Island. 4heads is committed to shedding new light on hidden culture and bringing new life to unexpected and unique spaces across the city.

About Beam Center:
Beam Center is a community of kids, teens, adults, artists, and teachers collaborating to create spectacular projects rooted in a passionate curiosity for learning, making, and sharing. Beam has more than 16 years of experience creating large-scale youth-built art installations, including FlipNYC, giant flipbooks at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO, +Pool Light at Pier 17 in Lower Manhattan, and Iceberg , a massive thermochromatic structure floating in the middle of a lake in New Hampshire. Lighthouse is Beam’s artist residency on Governors Island that provides space for artists to engage their interdisciplinary practices with FabLab technologies and tools.

About Harvestworks:
Founded as a not-for-profit organization by artists in 1977, Harvestworks has helped a generation of artists create new artworks using sound, image and interactive technology. The 2020 Harvestworks Artist Studios continues their Art and Technology Program on Governors Island that is centered on art works created at the intersection of art and technology. Since 2011, the program has included artists’ open studios, exhibitions of digital media art, public workshops and an educational research facility. Harvestworks’ goal is to provide exhibition opportunities to electronic media artists and also to educate the public about how artists use new and emerging technology for artistic expression.

About the New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) Foundation:
The New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arts organization committed to supporting artists and curators on an international level as well as engaging the local community in Brooklyn and the Greater New York area, through short-term integrated residency programs, progressive exhibition programs, international exchanges, and engaging public programs that foster global understanding and dynamic cross-cultural dialogues. The 2020 NARS Satellite Residency at Governors Island hosts 5 New York based artists, who are provided with administrative, curatorial, and professional support to explore and expand the scope of their artistic practice through research, dialogue, and production of new projects. As a studio based residency, the focus is on practice within the studio and the experimentation and exploration that results from creating new work. Residency artists benefit from NARS’ community driven program and the ongoing dialogue between fellow residency artists.