Building 12

141,900 estimated gross sq ft.
available for
Adaptive reuse
Construction Type

The three and a half story building consists of steel columns, girders and trusses; floors are cast-in-place concrete; the roof is slate. The building consists of 15 sections with no connecting penetrations. Each section has its own entrance and is comprised of two, two or three bedroom apartments of each of the three main floors.

Site plans available by request.

Historic Status

This structure contributes to the Governors Island Historic District. There are no interior elements that need to be preserved

About Nolan Park

Located at Governors Island's northeastern side, Nolan Park is a shady, four-acre green space crisscrossed by brick paths and surrounded by stately 19th-century brick and wood-frame houses. Individually, each home is lovely; collectively, they represent a redevelopment opportunity unlike anything in New York City. Formerly single-family homes, they may be converted to small offices, hospitality uses, or cultural spaces, while the larger buildings offer a range of options for complementary uses. The range of building types and unique setting present a chance to create a cohesive campus.

Getting to Nolan Park
3 Minutes from Soissons Landing 7 Minutes from Yankee Pier
1 Minutes from Soissons Landing 5 Minutes from Yankee Pier
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